Fisher & Paykel top loader washing machine repairs

 Fisher and Paykel top loader washing machine problems

Here is the list of the top 5 common problems;

  1. Not powering up or has 3 or more lights in random pattern on wash progress.
  2. Not draining water out or only some at rinse or spin with 3 lights showing on wash progress.
  3. Beeps with 2 Orange lights showing at each end of wash progress.
  4. Not filling or very slow to fill with water during wash or at deep rinse.
  5. Goes out of balance often no matter what the load is.

Fisher and Paykel top loader models that we repair

MW511 MW512
MW513 MW612
MW613 MW60
GW511 GW512
GW611 GW612
GW711 GW712
IW511 IW711
IW811 IW512
IW712 IW812
WA1068G1 WA1068P1
WL1068P1 WA55T56GW1
WA65T60GW1 WA65T60MW1
WA80T65FW1 WA80T65GW1
WL70T60C WL70T60D
WL80T65C WL80T65CW
WL80T65CW1 WL80T65CW2