Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Repairs

We Exclusively Service Fisher & Paykel Top-Loading Washing Machines

We have often said that you wouldn't go to the doctor to get your teeth fixed!

Going to any old repair company to get your Fisher & Paykel Top-Loading Washing machine fixed may not work out - you'd come to us because we exclusively service this type of washing machine. It's because of this that we know these machines inside-and-out, just like a dentist knows teeth!

Being highly specialised is part of what makes our business great

We can provide high-quality service every time because we have a thorough understanding of what we’re dealing with and can, therefore, perform repairs quickly and to a very high standard. Also as a Licenced Electrical Appliance Serviceperson you can be assured that the repair carried out will done safely and right the first time.

Do we repair all Fisher & Paykel Top Loaders?

We do exclusively work with the Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive System for top-loading washing machines, but because this system is in the vast majority of all Fisher and Paykel Top Loaders, it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry.

So, Where should you get your Fisher and Paykel Top Loader Repaired?

Make the right choice and have your Fisher & Paykel Top-Loading Washing Machine repaired by a business whose specialisation makes them the best people for the job! A1 Washing Machine Repairs.